Essenbach, Germany

Sure, you're a trained software developer or developer, you have learned in the field of computer science, business computer science or electrical engineering your tools. And you are looking forward to programming in an experienced, motivated team in Landshut. Everyone wants that and can do many. Is not enough. Not with us.

Because we provide solutions for companies that require a creative artist, a razor-sharp logician, a patient listener, and a quick mindset.

Kannst Du alles auch? Super, wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung!

Can not you yet? Not bad, no master falls from the sky.

With us you can realize yourself in the job, solve tasks and create together with other people really good software and systems.

Wir programmieren auf Basis von Webtechnologien wie Javascript, Python, Java und HTML5, sowie in C# und C++, gelegentlich auch in PHP und ASP.Net. Unsere Datenbanken sind PostgreSQL und SQL-Server, weswegen Kenntnisse von SQL und grundlegende Systemarchitekturen wichtig sind. Wir haben daher eine Stelle als Software-Architekt Landshut für Softwareentwickler Java, Softwareentwickler, Python, Softwareentwickler html5 und Softwareentwickler Javascript.

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To overcome obstacles

Every day brings with it: the blocker, where nothing goes any further. The function that may not work, although everything is programmed as described. The customer who suddenly has other wishes.

No matter: with creativity you can still get it. The leap forward - thinking around the corner - it brings you to the goal.

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It has to fit

If it were so easy: one size fits all - this never works for us. Because they are people who think a little differently, act, settle and want to be unique.

You take measure, and your kit. Then standard will be a little bit custom. And the user will be happy.

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Mobile and available - everywhere

It is always easy when everything is fixed. But our world is not solid anymore - almost none of it. Of course you want to rely on something. But only change is reliable.

Try something new. Put yourself on the other side. Test your app on the plane, or in the coal mine. Be a little bit crazy. Your users are too.

We have already pushed more than 325 companies and hundreds  thousands of users. 

Join in our team and with it more of your everyday life

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Clear: We also offer a performance-based compensation with bonus program, a modern workplace, real growth prospects, continuous training, responsibility and a great deal of creative freedom.
"That's all?"