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IT IS AG is IT service provider for 18 years now and has the respective know how about your hosted environment. We help you with the parameters of the expected system load, the users and their temporal behavior, the scalability and the spatial deployment for the right system and if you get better performance by using hardware or virtual systems.

Besides these general thoughts for choosing your hosting environment not every company has the spatial, technical and subject-specific abilities to run their systems on their own. In most cases it's better to retain a hosting provider with longtime hosting experience and profound software skills.
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Specializing in the application

The subject-specific cpmpetence of IT IS in the area of hosting is an enormous advantage for your company when it comes to the hosting of Odoo, Alfresco and Zimbra, together with the profound skills in software development. 

Hosting at IT IS saves you a lot of jobs and obligations like providing pursuant capacities, the maintenance of the systems by qualified administrators, creating, providing and implementing backups and ensuring a hifh availability. IT IS also ensures replacement systems in case of failure so that the transition to another blade is done within just a few seconds.

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Hosting in our own data center combined with the know how for the solution.

We do not only have the hosting competencies you need but also a comprehensive knowledge about the hosted solutions and we gladly support you at your purposes and questions.

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The main building of IT IS is located in the lower Bavarian Altheim near Munich airport and gives on the one hand a lot of room for creative working to 25 employees and on the other hand a lot of room for several servers in the in-house data center. Besides the systems IT IS uses for itself system administrators manage many Websites, Alfresco-, Odoo- and Zimbra-Systems of satisfied customers.

Are you interested in our hosting offers for running your solutions in a safe and performant way? Please contact us to talk about your plans and to put them into action together. Because we walk the talk.

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Digital door locks with access protocols do not only prevent the unauthorized access to the data center but also to the whole building of IT IS. Visitors are recorded at the entrance with name, date and time. Video cameras on the grounds of IT IS save the outdoor area which is additionally controlled on a daily base, day and night and even on Sundays and legal holidays. All requirements of th IT baseline security according BSI-ISO 27001 are met.
The server racks have a redundant and failure-resistant power supply from the hydroelectric power station of E.ON Bayern which is only 500 meters away and from the nuclear power station Isar II which is only 7 km away. Our own solar power system is part of our green thinking. The last blackout was 8 years ago and took 30 minutes.
The network components are spatioal separated from our server components and locked separately. Thus maintenance work on the router or the leased line does not influence the data center and its security. 

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